All Creatures Memorials
Isaac's Fund was created to assist with the veterinary care of animals in need.  Its namesake, Isaac the Goat, was the cherished companion of our friend Cindy.  He came to her as a rescue in the summer of 2007, after being mauled by dogs near his original home.  Isaac's medical journey was long and tedious, but Isaac never let it get him down. His "can-do" attitude and spunk won over many and he ended up with his very own fan club!  Isaac never did get the message that he was gravely injured.  He was full of the dickens, and endearing beyond words. He lived for seven more fun-filled months with Cindy and with the help of an extended network of caring friends.  Many of his vet bills were covered by compassionate folks that simply loved to hear the stories of "Isaac the Goat."  All Creatures Memorials honors what Cindy called Isaac's "indomitable spirit" through Isaac's Fund.

If you share our hope that all creatures have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, please make a donation to Issac's Fund. Donations by check can be sent to All Creatures Memorials at P.O. Box 31884, Santa Fe, NM  87594 with "Isaac's Fund" noted on the memo line. Or we invite you to donate through PayPal:
Currently, distribution of Isaac's Funds are made to animals in need on a case-by-case basis with the assistance of local veterinarians.

Isaac the goat
Isaac plays in feed tub