park greenery
park in spring
All Creatures Memorial Park
ALL CREATURES MEMORIAL PARK is designed to ultimately contain 14 walls in a spiral radiating out from the Saint Francis anchor wall (see architectural plans). Currently, there are three walls built and the foundations poured for two more.

dedicated bench for Winston
hummingbird wall
donated fountain for Chaco
main wall with fountain
main wall with bench
Recent and future plans for the park include:
  •  Xeriscaping with perennials, vines, bushes & trees
  • Rock benches for seating
  • Additional landscaping with moss rocks
  • Solar powered lights
We will happily take donations towards building costs and Park maintenance.

Other ways you can help:
  • Please contact us about special commissions.
  • Make a donation "in honor of" or "in memory of" a loved one, human or animal.
  • Feel free to contact us with your own creative ideas. email ACMP
  • In-kind donations are always appreciated.
three complete walls
rock bench donated in loving memory of Winston
birdbath donated in loving memory of Chaco
Isaac's Spring Wall
To view photos of the Dedication of All Creatures Memorial Park, click here.